Rashtriya Kala Manch

Rashtriya Kala Manch (RKM) was established by artists and art lovers to promote students who are educated and / or interested in any form of art. RKM provides a platform for artists, curators, writers, and professionals from diverse fields of art and culture to speak about their work, perform various forms of art, with an ongoing interesting debate on issues concerning contemporary art and cultural practice.



We ensure that every artist is able to improve their talent, thereby contributing their art to the society and for a social change. RKM believes in the formula of 3 P’s i.e. Passion + Purpose + Platform, for the success of any artist

PASSION for his art and belief in what they do

PURPOSE is like giving meaning to their art

PLATFORM is what we provide here at Rashtriya Kala Manch

For more details please visit - http://www.rashtriyakalamanch.org/