Hum ABVP hain


We at ABVP have unflinching faith and conviction in the following ideas:

1) Unity and integrity of Bharat is sacred and non-negotiable.

2) Bharatiya philosophies unique definition of how the relationship between any individual should be with be the society / nature / creation / creator, etc and its distinct concept of human happiness / peace provides the basis for meeting the multi-pronged challenges the world community is facing today.

3) Basic concept of “National Reconstruction” doesn’t mean that we do not want all-together a new- making of this country throwing out all old and ancient things as useless / rotten / orthodox, but analyse and differentiate between wrong ideas, wrong rituals, outdated processes & believes on one hand and good concepts of our age old civilization culture on the other. Being bold enough to throw off the former mercilessly and not feeling ashamed to accept & practice the latter for general good.

4) Our millennia-old rich cultural heritage and civilization continue to be our source of inspiration for all our endeavors and any plan for National Reconstruction is to be based on the principles and practice of “Dharma” which is the soul and strength of our age-old civilization. Dharma is the below mentioned 10 virtues to be followed by everyone in this world at any time.

धृति क्षमादमस्तेयं शौच्यं इन्द्रिय निग्रहं |
धी विद्या सत्यमक्रोधो , दशकम धर्म लक्षणम ||

5) The goal of National Reconstruction should be our life mission and can be attained only by effective participation of the students, youth and the people. Ignited young minds are required for this huge task of National Reconstruction. There is one pre-condition for National Reconstruction which is nothing but the social transformation and that is awakening the spirit of National Consciousness, Nation first attitude, unconditional love for the motherland “Bharat” and self-respect among the people.