MeDeVision is an All India forum of Medical and Dental students started in 2015. It aims to provide a platform to young medicos to voice their tribulations at a national level. The forum thrives to empower future doctors to collectively participate for improving medical education as well as health care delivery in India. We conduct several seminars and symposia for the same in order to promote constructive reforms in medical education and health policy after deliberation with all stakeholders. For the dream ‘’healthy India’’ to come, there is a need for paradigm shift from curative to preventive approach both at individual and population level. With active campus units in more than 22 states and UTs, MeDeVision is actively working with young medicos in order to awaken a sense of social responsibility within them, by conducting several programmes like health camps, awareness programmes to serve the society.

Our motto is to inculcate empathy in clinical practice. We also conduct several workshops, talks and conferences on important clinical, vocational as well as social topics with an aim to develop good confident doctors, and not just medical graduates. As an annual commemoration of our activities, we organise a national conference every year in different parts of the nation wherein more than 1000 medical and dental students, honorable VCs of state health universities, deans and directors of renowned institutions, esteemed faculty members as well as representatives of the administration participate in a 2-3 day symposium.